South Location

All the convenience and comfort, professional care and personal touches that you came to know at AABC North, our first location, were updated and restyled into our second facility at William Cannon Dr. near Manchaca Rd.

Watch our video to learn more about why Austin Area Birthing Center South is the premier birthing center in south Austin and sought after by so many families.

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austin area birthing center south location

Thirty years and 7,000 babies later, our team at Austin Area Birthing Center has learned quite a bit about creating the ideal natural birth experience. We used that wisdom to develop our original birthing center location in North Austin, and we've built one of the largest and oldest natural birthing centers in the United States. We've taken that same emphasis on comfort, community and midwife led care to our location on William Cannon, with the addition of a little South Austin flavor.

The three private birthing suites at our south location reflect the unique vibes of South Austin. Each suite is decorated with handmade art that emphasizes the folkways of Austin, from the music, to the art, to the culture. The overall aesthetics are soothing, homey and uniquely Austin.

Each suite is equipped with a private kitchen and bathroom, as well as plenty of space, so you've chosen to have a water birth, our state-of-the-art birthing tubs have the latest in safety features and a virtually limitless supply of hot water. Our South Austin birthing center is one of the most upscale centers in the nation. Everything from the art to the fixtures to the architecture is designed to provide the ideal childbirth experience.


  • Lynn Ann Griffin
    RN, CNM, MSN

  • Meg Rodenbusch
    CPM, LM

  • Leonora Colen
    CPM, LM

  • Victoria Meinhardt
    CPM, LM

  • Nicole Lennon
    RN, CNM, MSN

In addition to the facilities, Austin Area Birthing Center South provides the same attentive, specialized care that our other facilities do. Our highly trained midwives will walk you through every step of the birthing process, from pre-natal visits through to the big day and onto your child's first years. We also offer a robust selection of free classes, including prenatal yoga, birthing classes, centering, baby love, toddler love and more.

As with all Austin Area Birthing Center locations, the south location is midwife owned and operate. With a mix of home birth midwives and hospital birth midwives, we have the training and experience to help you have the perfect birth. Wherever you choose to deliver your baby - at the center, in a hospital or at home, the same kind and nurturing midwives who led you through pregnancy will be there to help bring your new family member into the world. Our South Austin midwife dream team includes several of Austin's most beloved home birth midwives, as well as two certified nurse midwives.

Austin Area Birthing Center is more than just a place to have a baby. It's a place to grow and learn in community with knowledgeable midwives and other caring parents.

The center is located at:

2500 West William Cannon Drive, Bldg 5, Suite 503
Austin, TX 78745

Call (512) 243-8066 to tour the WM Cannon and Manchaca Location or with any questions.